Calico cat sits in a cat condo

Today’s Featured Pet is Nisa!

A white cat with light orange ears and markings

Meet Nisa! Our Featured Pet this week!

Are you looking for a certified adventure cat? Nisa is your girl! Though she is a more mature age (not quite a kitten…not quite middle aged) she is super playful but don’t believe she can be so easily entertained. No, those measley mice toys and jingle balls won’t do! She wants more interactive toys in her household. Nisa is too smart for your everyday cat toys. This intellectual kitty would love a home where she can study the world outside of her home from the pleasure of a window perch. She is currently in a foster home and is very sweet but her primary focus on her daily routine is finding something to hunt so as long as you give her some daily play sessions your feet won’t be on her menu (lol!). She came to us as a mama cat and was SO HAPPY to be without her kittens once they were weaned. We are so happy for Nisa to be kitten free but now we would love for her to find her home! If you think Nisa sounds like a good time and the cat for you, please consider applying for her today!

Cat adoption fees are currently waived so there’s no better time to adopt!

You can apply for Nisa through our website or for more information, email