Meet Our Featured Pet – Peanut

Today's Featured Pet is Peanut! Introducing our latest, dare we say greatest, Admin Office foster cat... PEANUT! Peanut is a curious and mischievous, 2-year-old cat that is currently taking over all of our offices AND…

Meet Our Featured Pet(s) – Crash and Raza

    Today's Featured Pet(s) are Crash and Raza! Crash and Raza made their way back to our Adoption Center after being adopted in 2018 together due to no fault of their own.   This pair of bonded cats are currently…
A medium sized brown and white dog rolls in the grass

Ask Crystal: Destructive Adolescent Dog

Dear Crystal,  My dog is 8 months old. He will walk in and out of his crate all day long. I’ll leave the doors open he will lay down for a while, but he likes mainly sleeping on the floor during the day. At night he will fall asleep on…
a black cat with white paws and stunning blue/green eyes

Ask Crystal: Hidden Cat

I have taken 2 of my mom’s cats into my home when she went to assisted living. One is settling in.... it’s been 3 months. The other hides and is using our pantry area as a litter box. How can I get this to stop? I can’t find him....…
a grey cat with white nose looks up at the camera

Ask Crystal: Litter Box Issues

Dear Crystal, I’ve had my cat for a year and three months now. He had no problem using the litter boxes. Then when we got our three foster boys, he stopped using the litter boxes and started peeing and pooping around the house. At first,…

Ask Crystal: Cat Litter Box Troubleshooting

Dear Crystal,  We have a feral cat that has become an indoor cat. She seems to be adjusting well to indoors except she doesn't like the litter box much. We have two in the same area and she will use one to pee in but poos on the floor…
A brown dog with white spot and tongue out

Meet Millie! – ADOPTED

Today's Featured Pet is Millie! Our featured pet this week is Millie! This 10-month-old cutie has been brushing up on her house manners in foster care for a few weeks but is now ready to find a home of her own. Millie has been meeting other…
A black cat with white stripe

Meet Apollo! – ADOPTED

Today's Featured Pet is Apollo! Our Featured pet this week is Apollo! Apollo is one chill kitty! He has beautiful yellow eyes and the most adorable white patch on his…
a brown striped tabby cat with light green eyes

Meet Gypsy – Adopted!

Today's Featured Pet is Gypsy! This gentle purr machine just adores attention and will rub her face into your hands to ask politely for more. She has great energy levels…
a black cat with white paws and stunning blue/green eyes

Meet Frankie – ADOPTED!

Today's Featured Pet is Frankie! Frankie has been with us for a while, and his wonderful foster has been giving him a safe space to relax. We'd love to help Frankie find…