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Trapper’s Tail Fundraiser

Trapper's Tail   Recently, we were reminded of how resilient animals can be and how many of our choices as humans can negatively impact them without us ever realizing it. Trapper was picked up by Henderson County…
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Saving Sally Ann Fundraiser

Saving Sally Ann Imagine being a dog that is covered in fleas, riddled with parasites, and matted so badly you need surgical intervention to save your life. Sally Ann was brought to Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital…

Meet Our Featured Pet – Peanut

Today's Featured Pet is Peanut! Introducing our latest, dare we say greatest, Admin Office foster cat... PEANUT! Peanut is a curious and mischievous, 2-year-old cat that is currently taking over all of our offices AND…

Meet Our Featured Pet(s) – Crash and Raza

    Today's Featured Pet(s) are Crash and Raza! Crash and Raza made their way back to our Adoption Center after being adopted in 2018 together due to no fault of their own.   This pair of bonded cats are currently…

Meet Our Featured Pet – Buzz Lightyear (ADOPTED)

    Today's Featured Pet is Buzz Lightyear! Are you looking for the goofiest pup in town? Well, no need to look infinity and beyond for them because Buzz Lightyear is waiting for you now!   Buzz is around 3 years old…

Meet Our Guinea Pigs

    Today's Featured Pet(s) are our Vinny, Ivy, Donny and Jynx! Guinea Pigs, anyone? Donny, Vinny, Jynx and Ivy still need to find homes! These sweet guinea pigs are all around 3 years old and currently in foster care. Ivy and…
white dog tilted head pointy ears

Meet Mama Spice! – ADOPTED

         Today's Featured Pet is Mama Spice! Meet our featured pet this week, Mama Spice! Now that her puppies have found homes, this sweet baby angel needs a home of her own. Mama Spice is a sensitive girl that fancies herself as…
A brown dog with white spot and tongue out

Meet Millie! – ADOPTED

Today's Featured Pet is Millie! Our featured pet this week is Millie! This 10-month-old cutie has been brushing up on her house manners in foster care for a few weeks but is now ready to find a home of her own. Millie has been meeting other…
A black cat with white stripe

Meet Apollo! – ADOPTED

Today's Featured Pet is Apollo! Our Featured pet this week is Apollo! Apollo is one chill kitty! He has beautiful yellow eyes and the most adorable white patch on his…
a brown striped tabby cat with light green eyes

Meet Gypsy – Adopted!

Today's Featured Pet is Gypsy! This gentle purr machine just adores attention and will rub her face into your hands to ask politely for more. She has great energy levels…