Meet Gigi!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Gigi!

Gigi is a lovey-dovey, twisty, “I want to hug you forever” kind of dog that just needs somebody to love! She has quickly won over all the adoption center staff and since we all can’t bring her home… we are hoping that she can find a forever home with one of you.

If you aren’t totally sold on coming to meet with her by just looking at her gorgeous smile, then we know she will win you over with the following attributes. She is notorious for turning into a puddle of mush when she is with someone getting her hug fest on. There is something about the way she melts into that gives you all those warm fuzzy feelings. Gigi is a certified lap dog that will try to make herself as small as possible just so that she can fit in your lap which is one of the most adorable things we have ever experienced. She also fancies herself quite the food critic so your basic run of the mill treats will simply not do.

Gigi appreciates the finer things in life and would love to help culture her new adopters on the ins and outs of buying treats AKA the good stuff. She has made some doggy friends in her time spent at our adoption center and we think her ideal doggy housemate would be as confident and playful as she is with other dogs. If you are looking for a dog to become your new best friend, your constant source of love and admiration…look no further, Gigi is the one for you! Since she has been with us for over two weeks, Gigi’s adoption fee has been discounted!