Adult tabby cat

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Raven!

Adult tabby cat

On this Valentine’s Day, we present the lovely Raven! Raven is a Manx, which is just one of them many ways she is so special. With the cutest kitty butt in town and a personality to match, this tail-less wonder is on the hunt for her perfect match!

Raven has had a couple false starts, and lost her first home when her owner lost her housing and wasn’t able to keep her. Raven is around 6 years old and a 10/10 lap cat, so would be perfect for someone looking to add a snuggly, affectionate kitty companion to their life this V-Day. A few butt scratches quickly turn her into flop-mode, and she’s an expert biscuit maker as well!

Although Raven has lived with other animals, she finds big dogs scary and other cats a bit of a nuisance, so may thrive in a home where she can be your one and only. Raven has known the indoor/outdoor lifestyle but is also very social, so would be happy either as a strictly indoor kitty or with some safe outdoor access. This chatty kitty also loves to talk and be talked to, so you’ll never feel lonely with her by your side.

Sweet little Raven’s adoption fee is only $5 today for our “Love Bug” Adoption Promo! Please stop in and meet her today!