Small fluffy brown and white dog

Small fluffy brown and white dogToday’s Featured Friday Pet is Pineapple!

Poor little Pineapple, Santa forgot to bring him a forever home for Christmas! This sweet little senior is admittedly is a bit overwhelmed by the big bad world, but despite his shyness, comes with a 100% Diamond in the Rough guarantee. His scaredy-dog status is not of the nippy or yippy variety; in fact, Pineapple almost never makes a peep and his favorite place is the quiet, warm lap of a human. It takes a while, but it’s both sweet and a little heartbreaking to feel his tense little body finally unwind after several minutes of quiet closeness. He is sure to open up with time in a mature, quiet home and with someone with lots of patient affection to offer him.

Pineapple is 9 years old, is happy in a crate and seems fine with other mellow dogs. He’s heartworm positive, which means his adoption fee has been waived and his treatment has been covered. He’ll need a period of several weeks of rest after treatment, which with his snail-like energy level, should be easy enough. Heartworm disease is treatable but not fun or cheap, so please keep your dogs on heartworm prevention, ok kids?

For more info on Pineapple and/or what his heartworm treatment entails, please give us a call or stop by our adoption center!