Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Oreo!

What better kitty to feature on Black Friday than a handsome, nearly perfect tuxedo cat? Seriously guys, we can’t stress enough wonderful guy 2 year old Oreo is. We figure we you may be reading a lot of reviews online today while you shop, so let us stay on theme and proceed with a formal appraisal of Oreo’s many great qualities.
Snuggability: 5/5. Oreo served snuggles in a very timely manner. The snuggles were warm and delicious. When more snuggles were requested, he brought them out right away. 

Playfulness: 4.5/5. All toys were reliably played with, pipe cleaners being of particular interest. Minus half a star because he did not pick up his toys when he was done playing with them.
Attractiveness: Solid 5/5. Oreo is well-groomed and always ready for any formal occasion. Looks smashing in a bumblebee costume. Fur is of particular silkiness. 

Sociability: 5/5 Life of the party extrovert. Amenable to a variety of species. Talks a lot, but he’s just
so interesting.
Floppiness: 5/5. Came for the silkiness, stayed for the floppiness. His lack of bones is where this cat really shines.
Summary: They don’t make them like this any more! Exactly what I was looking for! 5/5 Would pet again!

With a glowing review like that, why not add Oreo to your cart today? Please share, or better yet, ditch the mall and bring home the gift that keeps on giving: the love of a charming tuxedo cat. Oreo’s adoption fee is only $20 for Black Friday Cuddle Busters