Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Horsey!

We know, we know, don’t ask us how such a cute pup ended up with a name like Horsey. Alas, we are accustomed to it, so Horsey he shall remain for now. At 26 pounds, this 6 year old pup is, what we call in the trade, a Smedium sized dog, the popular and oft-requested Not Too Big Not Too Small category. If Goldilocks were choosing a dog, we think she’d pick Horsey.

Horsey was found as a stray with another dog pal of his; no one ever came to claim him or the other dog, who has since found a new home. We can’t explain how Horsey has already been with us three weeks, what with his quiet and gentle aura, aforementioned perfect Smedium size and puppy dog eyes that last for days.

Horsey is great in lots of other ways too. The way he keeps his kennel clean, you’d think he’s expecting a date. He quietly and peacefully shares fencelines with other dogs and sweetly seeks affection without being annoying about it. His energy level is somewhere between a panda bear and millennial after a long workweek. Horsey is unfortunately positive for heartworms, so his adoption fee is waived and the cost of his treatment has been covered for the right home that can help him through his treatment (please keep your dogs on heartworm prevention, kids).

For more info on HW treatment and about this sweet pup in general, please give our adoption center a call at 828-685-7107 or email