Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Rusty!

Do you like big mutts and you cannot lie? If so, you must know about Rusty. At about 100 pounds, Rusty is big enough to double as a body pillow and holds a deep desire to do just that. A mellow dude whose speed setting usually defaults to “lumber,” Rusty’s idea of a wild Friday night is Friends reruns and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Rusty is a big boy no doubt, but is sweetly manatee-like in his gentle way he glides through the world.

Other things – Rusty lived with, and is friendly towards other dogs, kids, and guess what, cats. It’s not every day that we get in a dog that respects this holy trifecta, and anyone looking for a dog uninterested in cat-eating should strongly consider dabbling in some big dog love. Rusty is also housetrained and generally what we call a Grade A Good Boy. He’s around 6 years old, and could use a hand losing a few pounds, but hey, who couldn’t? Side note, he’s got a great smile and looks smashing in fall colors.

Come meet this big sweet lug and find out why we all love him so.