Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Fiona!

Black cats are beautiful, but have a lot to overcome – cultural superstition, competition with their fancier colored brethren, embarrassing milk stains. But did you know that black cats are actually considered lucky in many cultures? And luck is exactly what we believe Fiona (or Miss Princess Fiona Fancypants, if you’re not into that whole brevity thing) will bring to the smart and savvy person who adopts her.

Fiona didn’t have a particularly lucky start herself, having been carelessly abandoned in a crate with her kittens in front of our shelter after hours, where they sat all night. Come on, people. That’s just rude. Fiona fortunately didn’t seem too traumatized by her ordeal, and has settled in quickly to show off her snugly, fun, adventurous personality. Fiona is about a year old, loves to reach out for hugs, sparring with toys, looking at cat TV AKA windows, and generally being sweet and sassy little thing. At 6.5 pounds, she makes up in personality what she lacks in stature, and as a side note, holds the Feline World Boxing Federation featherweight champion title. Seriously. Oh and she seems fine with other kitties as well. What’s not to love?

Fiona is the package deal, and during our “I’ll Be Your Boo” cat adoption promo, her adoption fee is only $5! We can’t think of a better way to get into the Meowloween spirit than by adopting a hauspanther of your very own