Meet Neela!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Neela!

Neela can’t understand why she hasn’t found her forever home yet. Considering the fact that there is currently a Facebook group with over 300,000 members called “This Cat is Chonky,” you’d think people would be lining up at the door to take home this future internet sensation. Fat cats are all the rage, and Neela is not only pleasantly plump, but a delightfully sweet, affectionate cat to boot. Neela loves being held, nibbling noses, sitting like a loaf of bread, getting her some belly rubs and generally being ridiculously cute. To be real, she does need a hand shedding some pounds and would love a buddy that shares her aspirations for a healthy lifestyle.

Neela was adopted from us a couple years ago but was recently returned when her former owner had to move across the state for medical reasons and couldn’t bring her along. Accord-ing to them, she is fine with other cats, and her dream come true would be a mature household without dogs, although she may adjust to a cat-worshipping dog with the proper intros. She’s a great age at about 4 years old and has buckets of charm. This lovebug has been overlooked for too long! Please consider stopping by to see if Neela the one for you!