Foster Friday: Orphaned Puppies Get a Chance a Life thanks to Fosters!

a tiny neonatal black and white puppy is held in two hands

Today we are sharing the story of Miles, Molly, Millie, Mindy, and Moose. These 5 precious pups were orphaned at just hours old when their mom sadly lost her life during her C-section (spay and neuter your pets, kids!). Luckily, we were able to contact a couple of our highly experienced fosters who were willing to care for these puppies and give them the best possible chance at life.

It was not easy going as some battled health issues, and all of them (like many small breed neonate puppies) proved extremely challenging to care for. The prospects for neonates this fragile and small are always a bit dicey, so even with the excellent care they were receiving, we knew their outlook for survival would be a bit guarded. The puppies were split up into two fosters, 2 and 3, who both contributed hundreds of hours and probably just as many grey hairs to raising them.

Not only did all the puppies survive thanks to their weeks of bottle feeding, pottying, weaning, medical care, and socializing, but they all thrived, turning into the sweetest, healthiest and most well adjusted little pups you could ask for! As soon as they were ready for adoption, we started contacting potential adopters who had completed pet requests, and had been waiting for a small breed puppy. They were all adopted within a matter of days, including Molly and Miles, who were adopted by two households of family members, and still get to see each other for playdates.

two small fluffy white puppies with black ears sit on a towel on a couchWe’re can’t express our gratitude enough for the amazing fosters like Chris and Melanie, without whom, these puppies would not have had a chance. We are always looking for fosters that have past or present veterinary experience and/or other experience caring for the smallest, most vulnerable neonates. If you have neonatal animal care experience and would like to join our amazing team of fosters, we would love to hear from you!

Another huge thank you to Chris and Melanie for all your hard work and TLC, and Happy Tails to the 5 luckiest pups in the world!

If you would like to get started as a foster, we are always in need (and no you don’t have to keep them!) so please fill out the quick form here to get started.