a side view of a woman feeding a treat to a dark colored dog sitting inside a truck
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Free Pet Food Giveaways for the Fall

Free pet food giveaways are available for pet owners in need of support. Hosted by Blue Ridge Humane Society, the giveaways are located across Henderson County and open to anyone who needs help. Blue Ridge Humane Community Outreach staff…
fluffy black cat with green eyes
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New Pet Loss Peer Support Group

Blue Ridge Humane Offers Pet Loss Peer Support Group Blue Ridge Humane Society knows how difficult the loss of a loved pet can be, and to support grieving pet owners, is offering a new peer support group with a professional group moderator. The…
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Volunteers Step Up In New Ways

Volunteers Fill New Roles and Help Out with Huge Impact When you think of volunteering at Blue Ridge Humane Society, what usually comes to mind are visions of the happy hustle and bustle at the Adoption Center as volunteers come and go after…
grey and white kitten plays with a cat toy

Foster Friday: Pro Tips

Foster Friday: Pro Tip Edition A Foster Friday Pro Tip for fosters or adoptive families! Mat training is an extremely useful tool for cat owners and it is an easy, reward-based activity that can help you bond with your cat!…
collage of three 6 month old kittens, one black and two white

Foster Friday: Nurses Needed

Foster Friday: Nurses Needed This week on Foster Friday...calling all nurturing types! URIs or "upper respiratory infections" are a common problem for cats housed in a shelter environment, so we like to send those kitties to foster homes…

Foster Friday: Spicy Kittens

Foster Friday: Socializing from Spicy to Sweet It's Foster Friday, were we dive into the important role that fosters play and this week we're talking about SPICY KITTENS! 🌶 The socialization period for kittens is between two and seven…
a grey kitten lays in a basket with a blue blanket

Foster Friday: Fosters Help Pets Express Themselves

Foster Friday: Free to Be This week we’re discussing the role that fostering plays in allowing animals to engage in species specific behaviors. But what are species specific behaviors? Simply put, they are behaviors that animals exhibit…
collage of four kittens, two grey tabby and two orange with white fur around their snouts

Foster Friday: How You Can Help

Foster Friday: A Plea for Help We've got a plea for help this Foster Friday! This kitten season has been INTENSE, most likely due to the months of COVID-19 shutdown where spay/neuter services were not available. We had 79 kittens in…
A white cat with orange markings lays on a table, His head is comically large compared to the rest of his body.

Foster Friday: It Takes a Village

Foster Friday: It Takes a Village! Happy Foster Friday! This week post is filed under: "It Takes a Village!" Pictured here is Steve, the big headed, bodacious tomcat with a heart of gold. A Good Samaritan found sweet Steve as a stray with…

Foster Friday: Orphaned Puppies Get a Chance

Foster Friday: Orphaned Puppies Get a Chance a Life thanks to Fosters! Today we are sharing the story of Miles, Molly, Millie, Mindy, and Moose. These 5 precious pups were orphaned at just hours old when their mom sadly lost her life during…