A white cat with orange markings lays on a table, His head is comically large compared to the rest of his body.

Foster Friday: It Takes a Village!

A white cat with orange markings lays on a table, His head is comically large compared to the rest of his body.

Happy Foster Friday! This week post is filed under: “It Takes a Village!” Pictured here is Steve, the big headed, bodacious tomcat with a heart of gold. A Good Samaritan found sweet Steve as a stray with a gnarly, nasty wound on his neck, and brought him over to Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital, who gave him quite a few stitches and the name Steve.

Once Steve was stable, he was transferred to the custody of Henderson County Animal Services, where the staff worked tirelessly to care for his wound, including inventing an ingenious sock device to slip over his neck to prevent him from scratching his stitches. As Steve convalesced, his confident, affable personality shone through, and one staff member’s mother, who has a soft spot for big lovey boy cats, decided she would like to adopt him. Steve did end up testing positive for FIV, but fortunately, since we know that FIV+ cats can still live long, happy lives with the disease, that didn’t change the adopter’s mind about taking him home! However, with some medical needs still pending and his neck not being fully healed, we decided it would be best to place him into foster care until he was 100% so his new mom, who is 81, would not have to worry about anything happening with his wound, and that he could fully heal in comfort outside a shelter environment.

Next, enter foster Jaime, who volunteered to foster Steve, transport him to his medical rechecks, and basically keep an eye on things until his stitches are ready to come out and he was ready to go home. Jaime was happy to care for sweet Steve for a few weeks, and we are so grateful for her for  as well as Western Carolina Regional Animal  Hospital for fixing him up and giving him a great name, and for Henderson County Animal Services for giving Steve a chance and finding him a home.  We love you Steve, and are so honored to be a part of your journey to a better life!

If you would like to sign up to be a foster and be a loving bridge in the life of an animal in need like Steve, please fill out the quick form here to get started.