Maggie & Gypsy’s Happy Tail

Now for the Smack our Heads Happy Tail Tuesday, Kitty Edition!

When the Scheel’s adopted bonded 7 year old sisters Maggie and Gypsy a couple weeks ago, it seemed like the pair of lovely black cats had found their perfect fit. Our feeling was confirmed with this recent update that Maggie discovered an opening in the kitchen’s oven enclosure in her new family’s home. She fell 6 feet (!) but was completely fine, despite having to be extracted by the fire department.

“This is Valley Hill Fire and Rescue getting Maggie out of the wall oven enclosure. All is well now thanks to them last Friday. She’s lots of fun and very adventurous. They went to our vet yesterday and got two very good reports. They’re very healthy. Of course, Maggie tried to get behind the wall mounted tv. The vet laughed and then straightened out the tv back to it’s normal position. Thanks again. We love our girls.”

Cats will be cats, and the Scheel’s took Maggie’s daredevil streak all in stride. Thank you for giving these silly girls such an understanding home that loves them just the way they are!