Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday is Molly!

Molly was a classic case of a wonderful dog having a hard time coping with being in a shelter. A smart, active girl, we imagined that Molly would make a great companion for the right home, but her stress was getting the better of her. Luckily, we had a great foster that was willing to give Molly a break and help us better find out how she behaved in a home environment. It turned out that Molly was a pretty great house guest, and feeling much calmer after her vacation, found a home soon after! We were so happy to get an update for Molly’s adopter who agrees that Molly is a wonderful dog.

“Molly is doing great, we absolutely adore her and are so happy she chose us! It hasn’t been without its ups and downs, but as you are probably aware there is always an adjustment period with any new animal. We’ve kept her name although I lovingly refer to her as  Malls, my son however would like to call her kisses. (She likes giving kisses, he says). She is doing extremely well with the crate. I’ve never been much on crating an animal, it feels to me like there in “prison”. Molly however refers it and will lie in it even when she’s free to roam about the house. She’s the happiest when she’s near us so wherever we go she goes. She’s a great dog and we couldn’t be happier!”

Thank you to CC for being a loving bridge to her forever home, and to Jenna for being that forever home for Molly! Happy Tails, sweet girl!