Did You Find a Pet?

  1. If you live in Henderson County, call Henderson County Animal Services at 828-697-4723. They will have you fill out a Found Animal Report.
  2. Submit your found or lost pet to the WTZQ Pet Patrol
  3. Post a photo and description in our BRHS Lost and Found Pet Spotter group.
  4. Make a flyer with a current photo, the animal’s name, age, breed, size, color, markings, as well as the location and date they were found.
  5. Call animal control at 828-697-4912 to pick up the found animal or take the animal to your County Shelter. Lost pets are put on a 72-hour Stray Hold at the Henderson County Animal Shelter located at 828 Stoney Mountain Road in Hendersonville. Please call for operating hours as they are subject to change.
  6. Be sure to notify nearby veterinary offices and neighbors. If the pet is friendly, you may take it to a veterinarian or our Adoption Center to be scanned for a microchip.

What Do I Do If I Find Kittens?

All too often, well-meaning citizens accidentally turn kittens into orphans by bringing them into shelters. Much of the time, kittens that seem abandoned are simply waiting for their mom to return from searching for food! Check out our Found Kitten page to find out how to proceed if you find orphaned kittens, as well as resources and more.