Has Your Pet Gone Missing?

  1. Conduct a physical search ASAP. If your pet is a dog, where did they go missing from? What caused him to run away? Use this info to determine where you start your search. If your indoor cat is missing, most often they are found hiding inside the home, so do a thorough search inside. Indoor cats are normally found 0.13 miles from point of escape while outdoor/indoor cats are found 1.2 miles from home.
  2. If you live in Henderson County, call Henderson County Animal Services at 828-697-4723 . They will have you fill out a Lost Animal Report. If your pet was found as a stray, they will most likely end up at the county shelter. You may also visit their Stray Animals Search to see if your animals is listed.
  3. Don’t just call the county shelter. Make an appointment and stop every 1-2 days to see if your pet was brought in. It may take time before your pet is turned in. Often times, your verbal description of your pet, may not match how a shelter staff member might describe them.
  4. Make a flyer with a current photo, the animal’s name, age, breed, size, color, markings, last seen location, and the date they went missing. If they were wearing a collar, include its color and any tag information.
  5. Notify friends, neighbors, local businesses, and vets in the area where your pet went missing. Provide a flyer with a photo, description of your pet, and contact info. Follow up on any leads you get.
  6. Post on Social Media, Lost Pet and Community Bulletins: Get a good photograph of your pet, post on your personal page and the pages below. Be sure to include your contact information, location the pet went missing and animal information.
  7. If your pet has been micro-chipped, follow these steps:
    • Find the microchip number of your pet. This will be on any paperwork from the shelter, vet or breeder. You can contact them if you do not have paperwork.
    • Make sure the microchip is registered with the correct information. You can visit this website Petmicrochiplookup.org and see if the number is registered and with what company. Contact that company and make sure the contact information is correct.
    • Update your registration information ASAP with the registry. Go to Foundanimals.org and update there – ANY chip can be registered immediately online for free. Add a second contact in case you are not available if your pet is found.
    • Report your pet missing with the chip registry
    • Notify shelters and provide the chip number and Date Missing, Species, Name, Age, spayed or neutered, size/breed, color/pattern, special markings, color of collar, tags/microchip information, location missing and a phone number to call in case a match has been made.
  8. Keep it up! It may seem frustrating but having persistence and patience will help your search.
  9. Visit www.missingpetpartnership.org for more ideas on how to find your lost pet.

Text LOST to 888-465-2753 to immediately start receiving text messages to help find your lost pet!

Please contact us to get helpful information on how to find your lost pet.