Hei Hei’s Happy Tail

Happy Tail Tuesday!
We are featuring Hei Hei’s (now Fynn’s) Happy Tail adoption update from Kaitlyn. Here is what they wanted to let us know:
“Fynn is doing amazing! He’s such a sweetheart. He loves his cat siblings and enjoys playing catch. He has adjusted wonderfully! He is fully potty trained now and has learned a few new tricks including shake, lay and roll over! Fynn does amazing around my young niece and nephews! He wants to snuggle up with them. He certainly is a big lap dog haha. He loves to sit on a chair with you if he can 🙂 He is such a playful, loving, and sweet boy! He still does try to chew on random things here and there but when he does he is directed to a chew toy to chew on and is learning not to chew on anything other than his toys. I have adopted 2 cats before and love the experience! I loved my experience with Fynn as well. Thank you for helping me find the perfect dog for me!”
Thank you so much for opening your home to Fynn!

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