A small brown puppy sitting

Ask Crystal: Puppy Potty Training Troubleshooting

Hi Crystal, We rescued a 7-month-old puppy from a friend who couldn’t keep him and we’re having trouble crate training. The puppy loves the crate, goes in and out and doesn’t make too much noise in the crate. We bring him straight…
a small brown dog lays under a blacket

Ask Crystal: Early Rising Dog Starts the Day on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Dear Crystal, My dog sleeps in her crate at night. She’s quiet through the night, but barks every morning at 6am. I take her outside to potty right before bed. She’s started this early morning barking in the last few weeks. At first,…
a fluffy white and black dog urinates behind a tree

Ask Crystal: Potty Training From Scratch

Dear Crystal, Hi, we took in a 12-week old pet store male Labrador. He was given to us from a friend that couldn’t keep him any longer. I’ve had trouble getting him potty trained. Funny thing is, I take him out to the spot and he…