A white cat with dark grey ears and paw lays on a pink towel

Meet Moo!

Today's Featured Pet is Moo! Moo is a easy going boy that really would love to land in a mellow home that isn't too fast paced. He has lived with other cats in a previous home and would probably…
a grey cat with a pink flower on her collar lays on a wood floor

Meet Grace – ADOPTED!

Today's Featured Pet is Grace! Grace is a sweet and sensitive little girl that would really love a quiet home to settle into. She is a total purr machine in her foster home right now. Her foster…

Meet Chocolate and Truffles!

Today's Featured Pets are Chocolate and Truffles! If you are interested in Chocolate or Truffles, then please consider applying to adopt by visiting our website and clicking on the photo at…
A grey tabby cat with light green eyes stands in a cat kennel

Meet Maggie

Today's Featured Pet is Maggie! Maggie, Mags, Mag-licious...this girl is a total BABE! We can't get enough of her chubby cheeks and her thiccc bod. Maggie definitely has all the jiggle in all the right places, but…
image of an older grey tabby cat standing in a kennel

Meet Scooter-ADOPTED

Today's Featured Pet is Scooter! Poor Scooter aka Scoots landed in the shelter because his former owner could no longer care for him due to them having medical issues arise. Needless to say Scooter is a bit out of his…
a black cat being petted under her chin

Meet Demi!

Today's Featured Pet is Demi!   Demi is laid back, low key and a complete sweetie! She came to us originally as a stray without previous home information but we think she would love any place as mellow as…
A grey cat waring a blue plaid bowtie

Meet Mickie-ADOPTED

Today's Featured Pet is Mickie!   Mickie may seem like he is playing hard to get at first but he is worth the wait! This poor little guy is a little sensitive to when his world changes and luckily for him, his foster…
Promotional image for a valentine's day themed pet photo contest
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Paws and Kisses Photo Contest

Paws & Kisses Pet Photo Contest sponsored by Blue Ridge Orthodontics ELIGIBILITY: Anyone with a photo of their cat or dog! You may enter up to 5 pets, but only one photo per pet. ENTRY PERIOD: Now – February 3. VOTING PERIOD:…
A large brown dog is pictured outside. The dog has a darker snout and a light blue eye and brown eye

Meet Paisley!

Today's Featured Pet is Paisley! Social butterfly does not even begin to describe Paisley! This girl loves meeting people and in a previous home, used to escape her yard to play with a neighbor's dog. Paisley is exceptionally…
A collage of three kittens, two are black and white and one is grey

Meet Fender, Knot, and Buoy!

Today's Featured Pets are Fender, Knot, and Buoy! Meet Fender, Knot, and Buoy, our Featured Pets this week! They are an adorable threesome currently seeking their next adventure! Coming to us they needed a little TLC which our…