Meet Trixie!

white and brown hound

Today’s Featured Pet is Trixie!

white and brown hound

Trixie is a really curious girl who loves getting her ears rubbed! She seems to be very playful with other dogs and really has taken to Morticia and Jake. She loves to sing the songs of her people so apartment life might not be great for her. Trixie is a fun loving, active gal that wants to explore everything. She loves food and treats of all varieties so don’t worry about this girl being picky.

Here is a summary of her play group with Jake:

“Both were surprisingly calm and well behaved on tandem walk.  They seem like old friends. Similar play styles of some chasing. Trixie can’t keep up with him! Other times wrestling and mouth sparring. Arousal stayed very appropriate. Took frequent breaks. Didn’t have any disagreements.”

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