a small light brown puppy lays in a crate with the door open

Ask Crystal: Investigating Destructive Crate Behavior

Dear Crystal,    What to do if my dog keeps pooping in her kennel? She is chewing the floor underneath her kennel and destroys the house at any chance she gets. She has big behavior issues and we have altered her kennel so she has a…
A small brown puppy sitting

Ask Crystal: Puppy Potty Training Troubleshooting

Hi Crystal, We rescued a 7-month-old puppy from a friend who couldn’t keep him and we’re having trouble crate training. The puppy loves the crate, goes in and out and doesn’t make too much noise in the crate. We bring him straight…
a black young dog lays in the grass outside

Ask Crystal: When House Training Hits a Roadblock

Dear Crystal, I have a 5-month-old puppy that was doing great at housebreaking. The last month no matter what I do he refuses to use the bathroom outside. Even taking him when I know he needs to go. Even using crate training/housebreaking.…