Meet Arlo!

White puttie mix puppy with scattered brown pots stands looking at camera with tongue out

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Arlo!

White puttie mix puppy with scattered brown pots stands looking at camera with tongue out

Arlo is our current collective crush and for good reason! This 9 month old puppy is a equal parts old soul and total ham, a winning combination that’s impossible not love. Though he’s a bit nervous with new people at first, just a little sweet talking or a couple treats is enough to bring out his true sunny, irresistible lovebug personality. His chunky cheeks beg for gentle squeezes, and his penchant for doling out kisses and gentle hugs to his trusted friends make his initial shyness well worth the patience. Arlo came from a home with two other dogs his age, and would be eager to have a doggy friend to play with. Smart and very eager to please, Arlo already has mastered his “sit” and should be a fun dog to continue training! Recently, he had the good fortune of spending a long weekend in a foster home, where his Very Good Boy status was officially confirmed – we’ll let his fosters tell it best:

“He walks well on the leash and is a real cuddle bug. He definitely knows his name and he will come most of the time. He really is appearing to be just the sweetest puppy in a big dog body. He definitely seems comfortable being in a home, he doesn’t bark much unless there’s something strange going on outside, and we’re working on potty training and crate training. He also doesn’t have a ton of go-go-go, more laid back with periods of being excited and playing. He is definitely a sensitive boy who just wants to do good and be a happy silly puppy.”

Being a bit of a shy guy, we think Arlo would do best in a quieter home with either only adults or older kids past the screaming stage. Other than that, we think this sweet pup would fit in with almost anyone willing to give him a chance to show them what a fantastic dog he really is! Arlo is now back at our adoption center, and we encourage you to stop by to meet him (and just try not to fall in love)! Please share for Arlo!