Meet Captain Chewie!

Today’s Featured Pet is Captain Chewie!

Captain Chewie or ChooChoo as some of us love to call him is the ABSOLUTE SWEETEST boy. Captain Chewie deserves a life filled with new adventures and being a rotten spoiled pup! So far with us, he’s gone on a car ride, which he napped through, taste-tested all of our treats (he likes salmon the best) and he’s played dress-up with us during picture day! He’s got a huge fan club here with our staff and volunteers but we would love for others to see why we love him so much. Chewie’s favorite activity is FETCH (he will bring the ball back and drop it at your feet) and he knows the cue for “sit” and “stay” but gets really excited about treats.

Right now, our Behavior Manager is working on his loose leash walking, teaching nose targets, “find it” and he even is responding to his name like a champ! This big love bug is super motivated and very smart so he should be a fun dog to continue to work with in a home despite his missing eye.

Did you think that was all? No! Chewy just keeps getting better! He got to meet a human baby, and guess what, he loved them! He gave gentle kisses and even laid down very nicely to allow for pets. He also spent the weekend in a foster home and they said he was a perfect house guest!

His story is a bit unclear on what lead him to looking the way he does but what we do know is that he was abandoned at an emergency vet needing immediate care. Captain Chewie needed his eye removed, he was skinny, he had little to no hair and his skin was very inflamed. They got him all taken care of there although his road to recovery will be a bit longer to notice big changes with his skin. The whole ordeal says a lot about Chewie and his demeanor because he has been the happiest boy with us and for all of his care he needs.

This happy boy is excited to see what a family means for him, so if you want to give him the best experience he could ever ask for, apply for Captain Chewy today: t.ly/gJt8

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