Meet Buddy!

Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Buddy!

Please say hello to the beautiful Buddy, aka Buddalicious (ok, we don’t really call him that, but maybe we should)! 2 year old Buddy is smart, active and sensitive, a combination that can make the shelter environment a bit tough on a dog, and he’s been waiting a while now for someone call his own. This energetic pup LOVES to play B-A-L-L, and the quickest way to his heart is a good game of fetch. One of our long term volunteers says “I’ve never worked with a dog at the shelter that is as good of a retriever as Buddy!” Bright and food motivated, Buddy knows all his basic cues, and appears to be fully housetrained. Although Buddy is a strong boy that can sometimes bark a big game, he’s actually a tender heart with a submissive side that loves to tuck himself in for quiet time in his crate. We think Buddy would thrive in a mature, dog-savvy home that can both meet his exercise needs and be patient as he bonds with his new people. He may do well with other tolerant, dog-experienced pets with a proper slow introduction, but no young kids, please and thank you.

We know Buddy is definitely best friend material for the right person, and we hope they’re right around the corner! Buddy has been with us over two weeks, so his adoption fee is discounted. If you think Buddy might be a good fit for your home, please considering stopping by to meet him! If you can’t adopt, please share and help us find Buddy his happily ever after!