Meet Frankie – ADOPTED!

a black cat with white paws and stunning blue/green eyes

Today’s Featured Pet is Frankie!

a black cat with white paws and stunning blue/green eyes

Frankie has been with us for a while, and his wonderful foster has been giving him a safe space to relax. We’d love to help Frankie find the perfect family that can be patient and give him the stability he’s been searching for for so long!
Frankie is a very sensitive boy that came to us with a very unstable past. He really has never known a long period of time in a loving home due to people moving, lifestyle changes, the list goes on and on. For whatever reason, he was hit with this streak of bad luck his whole life. He is looking for a patient family to let him adjust to a new place on his terms. To put it in perspective, it has taken about 2 months for Frankie to adjust to his new foster home after being returned to our care. Frankie doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, he just is nervous so when his whole life uproots, it takes him a while to adjust.
Once he starts trusting you, his personality is one of the most endearing you’ll ever meet. He will chirp for food, show his tummy, melt for cheek rubs…but these things all take time. Frankie has lived with a bossy but friendly cat most of his life and would probably enjoy a mellow kitty companion in a new home. He, fortunately, has landed in a foster home for his stay with us and will remain there until he is adopted! We are so grateful that Frankie is bonding with his foster parent but we really hope his next home is someone committed to giving Frankie the best retirement home ever. He would do best in an easy-going home without a lot of frequent guests or loud activities. Here is a brief summary of where his relationship is at with his foster parent:
“Some days when I sit quietly and extend a hand to him he comes and rubs against my hand and hangs around for more petting. On occasion, he will roll over on his side briefly exposing his belly, but then jumps up as if suddenly something alarmed him.”
Frankie is a week by week, slow progress that we take every head rub as a win! His foster will not give up on Frankie and is very patient of knowing that everything good, comes with time. We know he couldn’t have found a better foster for him, now the real win for us will be finding his new family. Please apply for Frankie if you are wanting to add a gentle and deserving cat to your home.

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