Foster Friday: Spicy Kittens

Foster Friday: Socializing from Spicy to Sweet

It’s Foster Friday, were we dive into the important role that fosters play and this week we’re talking about SPICY KITTENS! 🌶

The socialization period for kittens is between two and seven weeks of age. During the socialization period, kittens learn to interact appropriately with members of their own species, but also other animals and humans. If a kitten has lots of positive interactions with humans during this period, that kitten will likely remain friendly and sociable towards humans for his entire life. If a kitten does not have any positive experiences with humans during this period, that kitten will need to learn that humans are not a threat in order to be able to interact with and live with them. The process of socializing a semi-social kitten takes time and patience. Kittens who don’t have a lot of experience with humans may hiss, spit, scratch, or bite when cornered, but they are not mean – they are just frightened! Through managed, slow socialization and positive reinforcement, it’s possible to help a semi-social kitten can go from SPICY to mild.

Our kitten fosters always go above and beyond when caring for kittens so that they are ready for all your love and attention when they get old enough to adopt!

If you are interested in learning more about our foster program fill out the quick form here, and we will follow up with you with next steps to coming on board as a foster.