Introducing Foster Friday! Where we celebrate our amazing fosters!

Let us tell you all about why foster homes are such a win for dogs! It was clear to us that Abraham was a fantastic dog underneath a little bit of shyness, but he definitely did not seem to be a fan of shelter life. Although he absolutely adored all of the shelter staff, he became nervous meeting with potential adopters. We had a strong feeling that his fearfulness was probably stress related and that the shelter environment was making it hard to put his best paw forward. 

Almost immediately after placing Abraham with one of our wonderful dog fosters, he opened up completely and fell in love with everyone he met, in particular his foster dad Burt.

Not only did foster home allow us to see what and sweet and loving dog Abraham truly was, but they helped him find his new home as well! CC and Burt introduced Abraham to their neighbor PJ, who understandably fell head over heels for Abraham and decided to adopt him. We’re so happy for Abraham and his new family, and for our fosters who help out the animals in so many ways. Thank you to CC and Burt for fostering Abraham, and Happy Tails to PJ and Abraham!

If you would like to make a huge difference in the life of a dog like Abraham, please fill out the quick questionnaire here to get signed up to foster!