Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday is Maple!

Maple was adopted out as a puppy and returned to us because she kept escaping from her home and they were worried for her safety. Ali and Jeff were browsing organizations online and something about Maple’s face drew them in. When they read her bio they knew they had to meet with her. The couple had been wanting a second dog for a while and their dog Daisy desperately wanted a permanent doggy friend in her home.

Maple was doing her happy girl zoomies in the play lot but was still a little shy when she first met Ali and Jeff, and they could tell she was going to need time to trust them. We had a good indication they would be leaving with Maple when we heard Ali tell Jeff she loved her already as Maple leaned against her legs.

Maple truly won the lottery with this home and they’ve said she is handling being a pampered princess very well! Oh, and Maple isn’t trying to escape her new home but Ali and Jeff are watching her diligently. But she’s been too preoccupied with her new sister and the 6 ft privacy fencing helps too!

Happy Tails, Maple!