two cats on the floor on top of coloring book with markers spread around.

Today’s Happy Tail Tuesday are Piddy and Cosmos!

karma and cece

Kimberley shared a Happy Tail update on two sweet cats her family adopted last year!  She writes: “In 2019, our family had to say goodbye, to our precious, 14 year old, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, on New Years Eve and 2 months later, our adorable, 5 year old kitty cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge also. I cannot tell you how devastated and lost we felt every single day. On Mother’s Day, we woke up and decided, we must go in search of A cat, LOL. We went to Blue Ridge Humane Society, in search of A cat, but our hearts were still a little heavy, this was a huge decision for us, because we missed our babies so much.

I was in the building for about 5 seconds before my heart saw “Piddy” and my daughters were long gone, in search of the perfect cat. I put sweet Piddy back in her crate, because my youngest daughter would be the deciding factor in our new fur-baby. Thats when I found Cosmos wrapped around her neck. Yes, I could see a we were going to have a tough decision to make. The sweet girls at the desk told me that, having two cats, was way better than just one! Hmmmm, long story short, we brought our new fur babies to their new forever home.

Piddy, now known as Karma, and Cosmos, now known as CeCe, melt my heart everyday all day long. I do not remember life before these two. My youngest left for college last August, my oldest headed back to California, shortly after Mother’s Day 2019, and these two, have been my saving grace. They are hilarious, have a ton of fans, as they do a FB video every Friday. CeCe fetches, non-stop, 7 days a week and Karma is the Princess atop her cat tower. I am totally in love with these sweet girls and am so grateful for Blue Ridge Humane Society allowing us the opportunity to adopt these little angels.”

Thank you Kimberly and girls for giving CeCe and Karma their dream home!