Many animals are surrendered to shelters each year because their owners have difficulty finding rental properties that allow pets.

We strongly encourage open communication and honesty between rental management and pet-owning tenants. Use the below tips to promote your pet and yourself as a responsible pet parent:

  • Create a pet resume that includes a photo, lists of training classes, your pet’s favorite activities, a letter of reference from a recent landlord, and current medial records.
  • Invite landlords to meet your pet.
  • Even if management advertises “no pets” or has breed/size restrictions, some make exceptions.
  • Be prepared to pay a refundable pet deposit.
  • Ensure that the lease you actually sign allows pets. Never sign a lease that says “no pets”
  • Contracts like leases cannot be changed without both sides agreeing. Pet deposits or monthly fees should be specified in writing in the lease.

The below list links renters to helpful apartment/house rental search engines that provide up-to-the-minute information on the properties that allow pets:

If rental management and pet owners work together, they can create a mutually beneficial pet-friendly environment, keeping the pet’s family intact and ensuring protection of management’s properties.

Pet Friendly Resources

  • Visit to learn about creating a pet resume when renting.
  • To explore tips about traveling with your pet visit
  • offers assistance when looking for pet friendly accommodations on your next vacation.