Dark brown dog lays on bet wiht her ears up looking face on to the camera

Meet Lily!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Lily! Looking for the perfect starter dog? How about Lily? This 5 year, 5-star pup is such an easy sell that we have no idea why no one has swooped her up yet. Lily has been enjoying a break in a foster…

Meet our Pawscers Nominees!

Today's Featured Friday Pets are our Celebfurries! Some of our local celebfurries have been nominated for the Pawscers! To celebrate, their adoption fees are only $15 until February 9th! These twelve animals have all been waiting too long to…
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Blue Ridge Humane announces the 2020 Hunter Subaru K9 Hometown Hero Award

Blue Ridge Humane Society is pleased to announce the 2020 Hunter Subaru K9 Hometown Hero Award! The nominations and award will celebrate the dogs who do extraordinary things every day in our community! The nominations are open to guide,…
Black cat

Meet Elden!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Elden! We're all big fans of housepanthers here at BHRS, and the lovely Elden is no exception. Elden ended up at our county shelter as a stray, so we don't have any back story on his previous life, but…
Adam with Molly cropped image
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Blue Ridge Humane Welcomes Adam LeGrand, K9’s for Warriors Ambassador

Blue Ridge Humane Society welcomes Adam LeGrand and his service dog Molly for a special luncheon celebrating the power of animal rescue not just here in Henderson County but in the lives of veterans across the country. Adam LeGrand chose…
White puttie mix puppy with scattered brown pots stands looking at camera with tongue out

Meet Arlo!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Arlo! Arlo is our current collective crush and for good reason! This 9 month old puppy is a equal parts old soul and total ham, a winning combination that's impossible not love. Though he's a bit nervous…
White dog with brown markings laying on the ground against a humans leg getting pets

Meet Roo!

Today's Featured Pet is Roo! Today we want to introduce you to Roo! Little Roo was abandoned at a dog park and found by good Samaritans that acted quickly after finding a sweet, skinny dog in need. Since Roo came to us in an unconventional…
Collage of 4 photos featuring a medium sized brown dog playing

Meet Todd!

Today's Featured Pet is Todd! CALLING ALL ADOPTERS! Todd has been in our care since mid-September, which is 90-something too many days for such a good boy! A great age and size, Todd is about 2 years old and clocks in at just under 50 pounds.…
tortoise marked cat lounges on a bed.

Meet Monkey!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Monkey! Who doesn't love a strong, independent woman?? Monkey is an opinionated beauty who may be least touchy-feely of all our cats, but has a no-nonsense attitude that's refreshing and frankly relatable.…
medium size brown down sits and smiles at viewer

Meet Gillian!

Today's Featured Friday Pet is Gillian! Hey friends, let us tell you about this sweet baby angel Gillian! Gillian is what we call in the trades a "boneless wonder" because she'll quickly turn to jelly as soon as you bust out her favorite…