A black cat stands on a bench inside

Meet Rose!

Today's Featured Pet is Rose! No one is as sweet as Rose! This little kitty is soooo perfectly petite and scoop-able, we know you will find her irresistible. Her life prior to arriving with us is a bit of a mystery but she loves people…
black cat with large green eyes

Meet Pants!

Today's Featured Pet is Pants! pants. This funny looking kitty had some trauma when she first arrived so she wasn't in the best shape. Pants is now on the up an up (and slowly growing her hair back)! She is the life…
Black kitten with green eyes

Meet Luella!

Today's Featured Pet is Luella! Luella is a confident little kitten that is currently on the hunt for her new family! This brave girl already fancies herself a regular house panther and can't wait to experience cat TV (accessing your windows…
Tabby cat

Meet Gary!

Today's Featured Pet is Gary! Meet Gary! Gary is officially in retirement and he is looking for his next journey in life in a home of his very own! This guy is as laid back as it gets and we know his 'inner Gary' is just aching to have…