Meet Pants!

black cat with large green eyes

Today’s Featured Pet is Pants!

black cat with large green eyes

Pants…has…no pants. This funny looking kitty had some trauma when she first arrived so she wasn’t in the best shape. Pants is now on the up an up (and slowly growing her hair back)! She is the life of the party and really is a busy kitty! Pants knows what she wants and when she wants it so be prepared for some fun times with this petite kitty. We don’t know what Pants’ life was like prior to arriving to us but she seems to really enjoy cat TV (bird watching) and would be great for someone looking for a huntress personality. Pants would love a person to let her play with chasing toys and let her express her ‘wild side’. She really loves affection and one on one attention from people. We think Pants is going to be an excellent housemate and companion for someone! If you think Pants is the cat for you then apply to adopt her so that a counselor can call you about the next steps!

You can apply for her through our website or for more information, email help@blueridgehumane.org.