Meet Tortellini – Adopted!

a dark tortoise colored cat with large yellow eyes looks up at a treat held almost out of frame.

Today’s Featured Pet is Tortellini!

a dark tortoise colored cat with large yellow eyes looks up at a treat held almost out of frame.

Label this cat under the “precious angel baby” files! Tortellini couldn’t have a better suited name for being the most perfect lil’ tortie girl. Originally a stray, Tortellini was adopted our but sadly made her way back to us after she couldn’t make friends with their dog. But we think that everyone should be able to decide who to become friends with so if Tortellini prefers to share her space with people more so than other animals, that’s totally fine! It’s hard not to love Tortellini because she has so much personality and really thrives with human interaction. She makes an adorable little squeak and really enjoys head rubbins.
Tortellini is a total FOODIE and goes bananas for treats (her favorite are the greenies cat treats but temptation treats are super delish as well). Fun fact about Tortellini is that she can actually say, “banana” … it’s precious! She would really be a great fit for any home looking for a low maintenance, low key kind of cat that will still appreciate cuddle time. Play time is something Tortellini will definitely engage in if you let her and she really appreciates toys that she can “hunt” so wand toys, laser pointers and any lure chasing toys are right up her alley.
Tortellini loves to loaf up and relax and we can imagine her frequenting any sunny spots inside your home. If you think Tortellini is the gal for you, then consider applying to adopt her! Her adoption fee is only $5 right now!

If you are interested in learning more visit our website and click on the photo of the animal you are interested in at www.blueridgehumane.org/adopt. Our Adoption Counselors will reach out with more info and the next steps! The Adoption Center is operating by appointment only. If you have questions, email help@blueridgehumane.org.