Today’s Featured Friday Pet is Wesley!

These sure are crazy times, and we hope all of you are lucky enough to have a fur buddy to keep you company these days! If you find yourself dog-less, why not consider darling Wesley? Around 7 years old, Wesley’s idea of a good time is just being a homebody with his humans – a real easy feat these days! Having a real fondness for physical closeness, Wesley has been joining his foster during her yoga practice, where has been perfecting his downward facing dog on his very own mat (and by down-dog, we mean laying there – I mean come on, yoga is hard!). Happily tucking himself into an open crate at night, his foster often wakes up to Wesley snuggled up beside her, so we think he would love a home where nighttime cuddles aren’t off the table. Although he very much enjoys his daily walks, Wesley is at the age where his interests skew more Netflix than nonsense, and you can plan on skipping the house-training too ‘cuz that’s old news. He already has some basic commands under his belt too.

A dream come true for Wesley would be a quiet home where he can let his hair down and relax. He’s a sensitive boy that farts when he’s nervous, so if your home life is a real whirlwind then Wesley says thank you for your interest but does not wish to fill your home with farts. It would make our whole month to see this boy find his person, so if you can’t adopt, you can help us by liking, commenting or sharing this post! Please send adoption inquiries can be sent to Let’s find Wesley his new family!