Cattle dog sits in the backseat of a car looking happy

Foster Friday: Fosters Help Personalities Shine!

Cattle dog sits in the backseat of a car looking happy

Happy Foster Friday!

We’re so happy that sweet Buddha was adopted last week after a couple week vacation in foster care! His foster Jennifer made sure to give us lots of great updates about how Buddha acclimated to her home and cats, details that are so helpful for an adoption but that we don’t always have available. Although he had a couple false starts with potential adopters, when the right person came along, everyone knew it!

The day he was adopted was a happy one for the foster, for us, and no doubt, Buddha himself. When it came time to say goodbye, Jennifer told us:

“Mr. Buddha was adopted today, and his adopter kept saying to him, ‘You have a forever home now. You won’t ever have to go away again.’ As you can see, he has no reservations about going home with her!”

Fostering is such a win-win for both the animals and adopters alike. Not only do the animals get to wait for the new families in the comfort of a loving home rather than a kennel or cage, adopters love getting such great info about the animal’s true personality – something that’s not always obvious in a shelter setting.

Our current greatest need is for med-large sized dog fosters, adult cats, kittens, and nursing cats. f you’re interested in the rewarding experience that is fostering, please get started by signing up here!

Thank you to Jennifer for fostering Buddha and helping him along his journey to his new family!