Mauve’s Happy Tail

a black kitten with small white markings is held gently by a young child

Today’s Happy Tail is Mauve!

a black kitten with small white markings is held gently by a young child

It’s always fun to hear about how an animal has settled into to their new family, revealed new personality traits, and all the love they are getting! To start the week we wanted to share this update on Nibbler the Ninja, formerly known as Mauve! Her new mom Sally sent this update at the beginning of the month:

We have had Nibbler the Ninja (formerly Mauve) just over 3 weeks now. She is fitting in with the family wonderfully! Our other new kitten, Bricky, arrived in our home (from a friend) just a few weeks before we adopted Nibbler. Her name was Ninja (per my husband), but her nibbly ways soon won me over to the name change as she gives little love nibbles. She is so precious. She was a bit “catty” when she first arrived and spent the first day in her carrier so she could get used to her new home and kitty friends.

We actually got Bricky to give our 12 year old big boy, Sir Charles of Meow aka Charlie, a friend, but he has become a more solitary cat and was not interested in playtime. He just ignored Bricky all together. So we decided to get another kitten friend for Bricky that had the energy to play. Along came Nibbler! It took her a few days to litter train and she found a few strange placed to “use the potty” at first, like the recliner or bathtub. But once we got her to use the box she’s been doing great!

Her big brothers go inside and outside by sitting by our glass door. Nibbler has gone out supervised a few times for just a few minutes at a time and she tells us she’s not ready to go out by herself. She’s still a bit too small and scared of the big world outside, but in time she’ll be enjoying the big yard with the boys.

Our girls are just LOVING their kitty. Our toddler, Rory, has learned to pick her up making sure to always “cup the booty” and avoid her neck. The baby (9 months old) has miraculously already learned to be gentle with the kitties. I’m loving teaching them young how to be kind to animals. And it helps to have such sweet little kitties to help show them that.

a grey tabby and black kitten sleep togetherOur favorite thing about Nibbler is her sweetness and love for everyone! Also how she nibbles and climbs up my pants and sits on my hip when I do the dishes! And how much she and Bricky adore one another already. They cuddle and groom each other daily. When she went to get spayed, even though it had only been a week since she’d moved in, Bricky was very sad she was gone for the night. And Nibbler must have thought we were returning her when she went for her surgery as she was SUPER snuggly upon her return to us.

The adoption was so quick and easy! I had my baby the next day after applying. We loved that she was able to be spayed so soon, as we are still on the wait list to get Bricky neutered. And having the first check up for free is great!

We are so grateful for an easy adoption process and our precious new kitten.

Thank you Sally for being a great new mom to Nibbler! We love that she’s in such a caring family! Happy tails, Nibbler!