Reginald’s Happy Tail

a brown tabby cat cuddles in blankets

Today’s Happy Tail is Reginald!

a brown tabby cat cuddles in blankets

a grey cat and brown tabby cat sit on a rug looking up

This week we are celebrating Reginald, now named Toad!

Reginald was found as a stray, and after getting checked out moved from our Adoption Center into a foster home. His foster family quickly fell in love and adopted him soon after. Isabel, his new mom shares that his new name was inspired by the adorable trills he makes when he is excited. Toad joined Wolf, a cat just a couple months older than he, and they have quickly bonded, with Wolf and Toad learning the ropes of cat life together, spending all day playing, cuddling and grooming each other. His new family has learned that Toad is a huge cuddle bug, saying, “Every night he sleeps on our pillows above our heads. During the day he will cuddle up under the blankets on the couch with us. Toad is an angel and we are so happy to have him in our home.”

While Toad entered as a foster, our staff provided full adoption support, answering additional questions to ensure a smooth transition from foster to family.

Thank you Isabel and family for taking Toad into your home, first as a foster, and then as an official member of the family! Happy Tails, sweet Toad!