a grey cat lays on a carpet platform with a rope scratching post next to it

Ask Crystal: A Shocking Behavior

Dear Crystal,  Hi, I have a great kitten named Binx. He recently started scratching the outlets. Why?  Sincerely,  Curious Kitty    Dear Curious, What an interesting question. I have not had experience with this particular…
cover of winter newsletter featuring a black and white dog sitting on the ground

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Hot Off the Press! Read about our 2020 numbers, new programs, and how we've made the most of adjusting to a pandemic world. 
A white and brown hound dog pictured outside

Donner’s Happy Tail

Today's Happy Tail is Donner! This Happy Tail update from Donner’s adopter Jessie made our hearts melt! Jessie shared the following, along with lots of photos of Donner’s new life: “It was exactly one year ago today that we stumbled…
grey and white kitten plays with a cat toy

Foster Friday: Pro Tips

Foster Friday: Pro Tip Edition A Foster Friday Pro Tip for fosters or adoptive families! Mat training is an extremely useful tool for cat owners and it is an easy, reward-based activity that can help you bond with your cat!…
A collage of a black puppy with brown nose outside, one sleeping with a cat, and one cuddled with his owner in her jacket

Jack’s Happy Tail

Today's Happy Tail is Jack! What an adorable Happy Tail! Jack, now named Ranger, was born while in foster. His mom, found as a stray was discovered to be pregnant. One of our experienced fosters cared for her, giving her a safe place…
a brown tabby cat cuddles in blankets

Reginald’s Happy Tail

Today's Happy Tail is Reginald! This week we are celebrating Reginald, now named Toad! Reginald was found as a stray, and after getting checked out moved from our Adoption Center into a foster home. His foster family quickly fell…
collage of three 6 month old kittens, one black and two white

Foster Friday: Nurses Needed

Foster Friday: Nurses Needed This week on Foster Friday...calling all nurturing types! URIs or "upper respiratory infections" are a common problem for cats housed in a shelter environment, so we like to send those kitties to foster homes…
a black kitten with small white markings is held gently by a young child

Mauve’s Happy Tail

Today's Happy Tail is Mauve! It’s always fun to hear about how an animal has settled into to their new family, revealed new personality traits, and all the love they are getting! To start the week we wanted to share this update on Nibbler…

Foster Friday: Spicy Kittens

Foster Friday: Socializing from Spicy to Sweet It's Foster Friday, were we dive into the important role that fosters play and this week we're talking about SPICY KITTENS! 🌶 The socialization period for kittens is between two and seven…
A white and orange kitten sleeps with a dark brown puppy

Liams’s Happy Tail

Today's Happy Tail is Liam! The next best thing to helping animals find their new family is getting updates about their new life! Liam was one of the hundreds of kittens to come through our doors in 2020, and along with his littermates,…