collage of four kittens, two grey tabby and two orange with white fur around their snouts

Foster Friday: How You Can Help

Foster Friday: A Plea for Help We've got a plea for help this Foster Friday! This kitten season has been INTENSE, most likely due to the months of COVID-19 shutdown where spay/neuter services were not available. We had 79 kittens in…
a scan of a photograph with a tortoiseshell cat

Cat Psychologist to Adoption Center Director

Staff Stories: Karla Pan, Adoption Center Director Welcome to our new series featuring the people and pets of Blue Ridge Humane! Today we start off with our Adoption Center Director, Karla Pan, who this week celebrates her 10 year anniversary…
A white cat with orange markings lays on a table, His head is comically large compared to the rest of his body.

Foster Friday: It Takes a Village

Foster Friday: It Takes a Village! Happy Foster Friday! This week post is filed under: "It Takes a Village!" Pictured here is Steve, the big headed, bodacious tomcat with a heart of gold. A Good Samaritan found sweet Steve as a stray with…
Calico cat sits in a cat condo

Meet Nisa!

Today's Featured Pet is Nisa! Meet Nisa! Our Featured Pet this week! Are you looking for a certified adventure cat? Nisa is your girl! Though she is a more mature age (not quite a kitten...not quite middle aged) she is super…
Black cat sits on a lap

Foster Friday: Sometimes it Just Takes a Little Time!

Foster Friday: Sometimes it Just Takes a Little Time! Happy Foster Friday! We have a story to share of a very special kitty named Drake! Drake has been in and out of BRHS 3 times, having been adopted and returned with his brother each…
Calico cat sits in a cat condo

Meet Isabelle!

Today's Featured Pet is Isabelle! Talk about belle of the ball, Isabelle is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! This sweet kitty came to us with her very SMOL kittens and now that they have all found their homes, she is still on the hunt for one of…
a small black kitten snuggles on the shoulder of a women sitting on a couch

Foster Friday: A Bond like No Other!

Foster Friday: A Bond like No Other! Happy Foster Friday! Little Peanut was barely a pound when she was brought into Henderson County by a Good Samaritan. Covered in fleas and with a wound on her neck, little Peanut's sweet personality…
A black cat stands on a bench inside

Meet Rose!

Today's Featured Pet is Rose! No one is as sweet as Rose! This little kitty is soooo perfectly petite and scoop-able, we know you will find her irresistible. Her life prior to arriving with us is a bit of a mystery but she loves people…
Cattle dog sits in the backseat of a car looking happy

Foster Friday: Buddha’s Personality Shines Thanks to his Foster

Foster Friday: Fosters Help Personalities Shine! Happy Foster Friday! We're so happy that sweet Buddha was adopted last week after a couple week vacation in foster care! His foster Jennifer made sure to give us lots of great updates…
black cat with large green eyes

Meet Pants!

Today's Featured Pet is Pants! pants. This funny looking kitty had some trauma when she first arrived so she wasn't in the best shape. Pants is now on the up an up (and slowly growing her hair back)! She is the life…